Download Kingroot APK Update

Kingroot APK has been released. Still difficult to find a way of rooting the Samsung smartphone or other android smartphone? perhaps now is the time that the right to use the tool without the difficult search again. Now with KingRoot APK (Chineese Language), you can easily to root samsung devices and other android devices even without using a PC.

The way is easy, just follow the step by step below:

Backup device first before rooting.


Make sure your battery is at least 50% (I suggest 70%)
Backup all data (including Phone calls, SMS, Contact, Gallery, etc.)
Make sure that the smartphone has access to the internet

Step 1: Download kingroot latest apk
Step 2: Go to Settings> Security> and make sure that the “Unknown Source” is checked
Step 3: Install and run the program ( kingroot apk file that is downloaded earlier )
Step 4: Tap large circle (green) to run the process Rooting
Step 5: And wait until the rooting process is completed (make sure that you are connected to the Internet)
Step 6: When it is finished you will see a big checklist in the green circle, it was a sign the rooting process has been completed and you will belihat blue button below, Tap the button and you will see the Application KingUser.
Step 7: Then reboot your device (REQUIRED!)
Step 8: Once lit, you can check the current status of your device, and you will see KingUser application has been installed which will give you root access (a sign that your device now have full root-ter), How it works is similar to the work KingUser SuperSU.
Step 9: Congratulations! Your device has a full root


The last is a rooting manner, then what UnRoot?

How To Unroot?
Step 1: Open the application KingUser
Step 2: Go to Settings and select “Remove Root Permission”
Step 3: A Pop Up will appear, select the “Clear”
Step 4: Restart your device
Step 5: Now that your device has been UnRoot

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